Stata Tutorials

Results output to MS Word or Excel

Using Putexcel to Export Stata results into Excel (Command Menu)

Export Stata output to Excel using Putexcel (Code)

Publication Style Regression Output in Stata– Part 1

Reporting Publication Style Regression Output in Stata – Part 2

Reporting Results for Panel Regression Using Outreg2

Output Regression Analysis in Stata Using asdoc Command

Publication Style Correlation Table in Stata

Reporting Summary Statistics in Stata Using Outreg2

Regression Analysis

Descriptive Statistics in Stata and tab command

Using different types of t-test in state

Correlation Analysis in Stata (Pearson, Spearman, Listwise, Casewise, Pairwise)

How to Perform the ANOVA Test in Stata

How to Identify and Treat Outliers in Stata

How To Check Normality of a Variable In Stata

Regression Assumptions in Stata for Beginners

Estimate Multiple Regression In Stata

Nested Regression OR Hierarchical Regression in Stata

How to work with Dummy Dependent Variable in Stata

How to Calculate Stock Return in Stata

How to Estimate Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Betas in Stata

Rolling Beta and rolling mean, median in Stata

Estimate Rolling Regression or Rolling Beta in Stata

How to Calculate Systematic and Unsystematic Risk in STATA

How to Find Nearest Location in Stata Using geonear

How to Calculate the Distance Between Two Locations in Stata Using geodist

Event Study

The Basics of Event Study

Estudy Command for Event Study in Stata

Event Study using the Eventstudy2 command in Stata


Introduction to Stata Interface

Stata Command Syntax: How To Write Commands in Stata

How to Add Comments in Stata Do File

How to use Stata Do file? Tips and Tricks

Preserve and Restore Data in Stata

Local and Global Macros in Stata

How to use Scalar and Matrix in Stata

Extract Results From Analysis | E-Class and R-Class Commands

Data Management

How to Compare two Data Sets in Stata?

Combining Multiple Conditions in Stata

Stata Dummy Variable Guide

Use of System Variables, difference between _n and _N in Stata

Use of Compare command in Stata to compare variables

How to Unzip Files in Stata

Lag, Lead values, and Differences of a Variable

How to Convert String variable into numeric in Stata

Using Rename command to rename Variable in Stata

How to Create and use Business Calendar in Stata

Filling Gaps in Time series or Panel Data in Stata

Using the Encode Command In Stata to Convert String Variable

Using Dates in Stata | Quick Tips to work with Dates in Stata

Aggregate Data by Group using Collapse command in Stata

Using Sort command in Stata

Stata Command Modifiers if, in, by, bysort Qualifiers and Statements in Stata

Continue Do file After Error | Capture Command in Stata

Using loop in Stata

Data Frames in Stata | Store Multiple Datasets in Stata’s Memory

Enter Questionnaire Data in Stata | Survey Data in Stata

How to Reshape Data from Long to Wide form in Stata

How to merge data in Stata | Combining datasets in Stata

How to Combine Multiple CSV/Excel Files in Stata

How to Combine Categorical Variables in Stata

Order Variables in Stata


Scatter plots in Stata

Combine multiple graphs in Stata

How To Make Heatplot In Stata | Correlation Heat Plot

How to Create A Histogram in Stata