Copy file from one folder to another using Stata

To copy a file from one directory to another or from one folder to another in Stata, we use the “copy” command.

If we want to copy “image.png” from Folder1 to Folder2, then we will use the following command

copy “D:\copy file\folder1\image.png” “D:\copy file\folder2\"

Once executed, this command would copy the image in the Folder 2. Remember, it would not delete the file from its original folder, but would just duplicate it in the designated file.

There may be a scenario where the Folder 2 or the designated folder already has a file with the same name, i.e., “image.png”. In that case, Stata would remind you that the file already exists in the chosen folder. We can use the replace option in our command to ensure that the file would be copied again from the original folder i.e., Folder1 and would replace the other file in the designated folder i.e., Folder 2. The command would look something like this,

copy “D:\copy file\folder1\image.png” “D:\copy file\folder2\”, replace

We can also rename the files as per our liking. For example, we have an example file called “example.dta” and we want to rename the file to “example2.dta”, our command should be,

copy example.dta example2.dta

It is wise to remember that this action or command would not copy the file to a designated place, but would only make a copy in the same folder and rename it.

If you wish to copy the file in a designated folder and rename it simultaneously, there is a way. Our command would be,

copy “D:\copy file\folder1\image.png” “D:\copy file\folder2\image2.png”, replace

This command would work to copy and rename the file in designated folder.

If you want to copy a file from a URL, you have to work with the copy command along with the URL from which you want your data to be copied and the name you wish to give it. An example of such command would be

copy https: //www.stata-press. Com/data/r17/rates2.dta dataset.dta

This command would copy from a URL to bring the data into our working directory.

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