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If you want to learn how to invest, speculate, and trade in the cryptocurrency world, you got to arm yourself with in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrency and the many aspects linked to it. You can accomplish this by accessing relevant and insightful cryptocurrency data. If you are a researcher who wanted to publish a substantial cryptocurrency journal, then you need to invest in the most necessary cryptocurrency data.

We understand the need of researchers for accurate, relevant, and timely data. That is why we commit ourselves to offer cryptocurrency data that can help ensure the success of published cryptocurrency researches.

Our cryptocurrency data is particularly set to researchers wherein they can make use of this data for a specific purpose this may serve them, and they can analyze this data or apply some effective statistical techniques and get started with writing their research article and publishing it successfully in a journal.

Cryptocurrency data can provide valuable information, encompassing cryptocurrency trades and exchanges, individual cryptocurrency pairs, and the cryptocurrency market, as a whole. Nowadays, when cryptocurrency is one of the topics highly researched on, investing in our product is proven to be a great help, especially for researchers because this covers:

  • Day’s High and Day’s Low
  • Daily Opening and closing price
  • Daily Volume
  • Daily Market Capitalization
  • Date and Name of cryptocurrency

Our dataset comprises around 2700 cryptocurrencies (This is an old post and our data is updated every quarter. So the actual number of currencies and observations are more than mentioned here. Please email us at [email protected] for an updated list) from the year 2013 to present collected from This data-set contains around 1.8 million observations and is updated every quarter. Following is the year-wise detail of data.

Year-wise number of observations for cryptocurrency

YearNumber of Observations
2019 770588
2020 (till 31st march 2020)208265
Data is updated every 6 monthsPlease email for more info

Year-wise number of symbols for cryptocurrency

YearNumber of Currencies
2020 (till 31st march 2020)2388
Data is updated every 6 monthsplease email for more info

Click here to download the sample file. To get a better idea of how the dataset looks like you can download the name of currency and the dates for which their data is available in CSV and Stata format. 

If you want any further information related to the data set, feel free to fill out the form featured on our site or email us at [email protected]. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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