Data related to Directors

50% Discount on the following variables for a limited time period.

Following data is related to different aspects of directors.  For the following variables we charge Rs. 1000 Rs. 500 per variable for 100 firms for 10 years.

  • CEO Duality
  • Proportion of Female directors
  • Proportion of executive directors
  • Proportion of independent directors
  • Proportion of non-executive directors
  • Total number of board meetings
  • Total number of directors (board size)
  • Name of each director (Premium Rs. 2000 *)

* Premium is the additional amount that we charge for this specific variable. For example, name of each director have a premium rate of Rs. 2000. It means that in addition to Rs. 1000 that we charge for this category, we will charge Rs. 2000 additional for this specific varaible. So, if you wish to purchase name of each director for 200 firms for 10 years, then it will cost Rs 3000 (1000 + premium of 2000) * 2 = Rs. 6000